Biggest Competitor of Midjourney AI

Ankit Shah

May 26, 2023

Midjourney was considered the most powerful AI image generator until the release of this new AI.

Leonardo AI is the most advanced AI image generator tool available right now, capable of generating images like Midjourney.

While Midjourney requires a monthly fee to use, people are showing more interest in the competitor due to its forever free option.

Leonardo AI provides its users with a community-like platform of its own, whereas Midjourney, as of now, is fully dependent on Discord to run its AI image generation.

Leonardo AI and Midjourney are both capable of generating anime, photorealistic images, and even allowing anyone to imagine their favorite star.

Just imagine a futuristic planet and space with landscape and many other planets across yours.

With its unique features and abilities to generate AI-based images, Leonardo AI has become the fastest-growing image generation tool after Midjourney.

An in-depth comparison of Midjourney and Leonardo AI will be helpful for finding the best one.